The solution for risk assessment

  • save creating of a risk assessment
  • a risk assessment according to EN12100
  • from experts for experts
  • Office compatibel
  • Best value for money

The best solution to create quickly and efficiently a risk assessment. According to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC EN12100 is also referred to as MRL. According to the Machinery Directive, a risk assessment is required for CE Marking.
With our software CSafe you create a risk assessment according to EN12100: of 2010.

In addition, we are a competent partner to creating a risk assessment. If you wish you can also give us the complete preparation of the risk assessment.

The best way to creat a risk assessment is to do it during the planning of the machine.

By created retrospectively risk assessment usually caused increased costs because to be considered under certain circumstances by the risk assessment new aspects which make the rebuilding of the machine needed the result to the claims from the risk assessment to meet (see INFO).

With our product CSafe You get a powerful software to create a risk assessment. CSafe was developed from practice for practice.

For each hazard you can entering graphically a performance level. With the graphic expression of the performance level it is easily identifiable.